Indian wins Dh7m in latest ‘Big Ticket’ draw

Lucky man was one of eight winners, scooping up the largest prize

18:19 November 5, 2017

Abu Dhabi: A lucky Indian man based in Qatar became an instant millionaire on Wednesday after winning Dh7 million in the latest Big Ticket raffle draw.

Sashi Ramamurthy, was one of eight lucky winners, scooping up the largest jackpot thanks to his winning ticket number 112517, which he purchased online.

The other seven winners, five of whome were also from India, besides one Egyptian and one Somali, all picked up Dh100,000 each.

The Big Ticket Draw, held from Abu Dhabi Airport every month, is the largest and longest running monthly raffle draw in the UAE, with the price of one raffle ticket coming at a cost of Dh500. Despite the price of tickets, the raffle draw is one of the most popular in the country, attracting not only people who live in the UAE, but also many living abroad.

The winners

Sashi Ramamurthy, India, winning ticket. 112517, Dh7 million

Mohammadd Shafi, India, winning ticket 767789, Dh100,000

Emadd Hamdi, Egypt, winning ticket 77220, Dh100,000

Vinod Kumar Veloor Maloor, India, winning ticket 17625, Dh100,000

Rajasekar Jeyaraj, India, winning ticket 70221, Dh100,000

Azeez Moolamkunnan, India, winning ticket 96651, Dh100,000

Abdullahi Dooyow, Somalia, winning ticket 69948, Dh100,000