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Bahrain to pay $2.6m compensation for victims

No details given on who the recipients are

11:28 June 27, 2012

Dubai: Bahrain said on Tuesday it would pay $2.6 million (Dh9.54 million) to 17 families over deaths last year during the unrest.

“Disbursement of compensation to the families of 17 deceased persons has begun in keeping with the implementation of the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI),” said a government statement citing a justice ministry official, adding this amounted to $153,000 per individual.

It gave no details on who the recipients were.

The BICI, an investigative body headed by international legal experts, said in November 35 people died during the unrest, which began in February 2011 after revolts in Egypt and Tunisia.

The dead were mainly protesters, but also included five security personnel and seven foreigners. The report said five people died due to torture.

Bahrain, host to the US Fifth Fleet, has been under pressure to implement the BICI recommendations of police, judicial, media and education reform.

Opposition groups led by the Shiite majority continue protests for democratic reforms and against what they say is discrimination.

The government has given parliament more rights of scrutiny over ministries and budgets but rejected opposition demands for full legislative powers and elected government.