• September 19, 2018
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Bullies exist even outside school years

Bullying is an issue that has existed for ages, and it keeps pace with technological innovation

By Adeep S.L.
14:37 April 14, 2018

Our world has witnessed a drastic change over the past decade or two. From acquiring information to communicating with people from around the globe, technology has changed our lifestyles. But sadly, we witness a sense of turmoil as new technologies are misused.

Bullying is an issue that has existed for ages. It might not be considered a major threat, but it can lead to dangerous results, wherein the person who is bullied can face physical, as well as mental harm.

As technology moves forward, bullying, sadly, keeps up with the pace of innovation. Cyber bullying has caused a huge impact in the lives of many people. It goes on to play with the victim’s social image and dignity.

To be honest, I feel we haven’t completely understood the weight of the issue and its effect. We just think that bullying is a ludicrous issue, which just takes place within the younger demographics of the community. This is not correct. Bullies are everywhere, irrespective of age. Anyone instigating others to take an awfully erroneous decision, and enjoying the negative chain of events that takes place, to the detriment of the victim, is a bully.

It has to be made clear that bullying just doesn’t exist in schools and amongst children, it exists among adults too, and at a global level. Schools and institutions are doing their level best and have aided in mitigating the effect of bullying by a great deal. But, the very nuisance can be stopped by us if we make sure we resist any instigation by others, and make it a point to report incidents of such nature to the higher authorities. Through this, we can build a society that is resistant to being bullied.

— The reader is a student based in Dubai