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Public park is need of the hour

Reader also urges the authorities to install street lights in residential area

By Sasi MenonGulf News reader
15:33 November 14, 2017
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There are several public parks located in Sharjah, but our area is missing one. I live on Istiqlal Street, Al Bu Daniq area and there are no public parks available here.

The residents depend on parks located in other areas, which means they have to either drive or walk a long distance along with their children for any recreational activities. This isn’t easy for them.

This is the area where an extended secondhand vehicle market used to reside. After the market was closed, we thought the authorities would build a park. Sharjah’s Abu Shagara area was famous for its secondhand car market, but despite that they have a big public park for its residents.

Ganesh Nambiar, a resident of the area, has also witnessed this issue.

He said: “I have been living in this area for more than 15 years and many times I feel the lack of a park. If we could get one, it would become much easier for everyone living here.”

Another issue I found is the lack of street lights. In the evening hours, residents depend on the lights from vehicles that pass by to walk through the streets. There are a lot of strangers moving around and so it is not very safe for children and women. It is difficult to drive, too.

It would also be great if we had easier access to public transport from the area to go directly to the Dubai International Airport. I hope the concerned authorities look into these issues and do something to fix things immediately.

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Editor’s note: The reader’s concerns were raised with the management of Sharjah Municipality. However, despite repeated reminders, they did not respond.