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Hopes of finding missing dog

The canine went missing on November 12 and hasn’t been spotted since

By Roberto GarroneGulf News reader
14:29 November 24, 2017


On Sunday, November 12, something unexpected happened and our dog went missing. Every morning, I leave home for work and lock all the doors. My wife, who is eight months pregnant, usually works from home. But, on that day, she had a doctor’s appointment.

As we were leaving, our dog came to say goodbye and we know that he usually runs upstairs and sleeps under our bed. But, when we came home around 2.30pm, the door that leads to the garden was open. We got worried and as I rushed upstairs, I noticed that Barney wasn’t there. The gardener was scheduled to come that day and I asked him about the dog, but he hadn’t seen him. We also have a maid who has been with us for over two years, so we trust her to be honest as well.

I immediately alerted the security officers in the Arabian Ranches area, where we live and my wife called the police. Within 10 minutes, we had 15 people looking for him within the community.

The police told us we had to alert the Dubai Municipality, which we did and they said they would reach out to us if they found him. They usually track pets based on their microchips.

Since that day, we have been organising search parties every morning, between 6am to 9am, and every evening, between 4pm to 8pm. People have also gone to different areas around us to check. We printed flyers and distributed them around. We have gone to every extent possible to try and find Barney, but no one has spotted him thus far.

After all these searches, I have come to the conclusion that Barney was taken from our house. I know he didn’t run away. When I go running, I take him along and sometimes he isn’t even on a leash. But, he never runs away.

We have now created a Facebook page to extend our search, which got a lot of people involved. We have posted pictures of him and shared all our contact numbers, too. The community has been amazing! I never expected so many people to come forward to help, but they have been wonderful in this difficult time. People have come out on Friday morning to help us and every day, between eight to ten people are searching for him. One person goes to the Dubai Municipality office every day, too.

If anyone spots Barney, please get in touch with us! He is of a mixed breed, with a black coat and has two brown spots above his eyes. His neck is also brown and it looks like he’s wearing brown socks. He is a very cuddly dog and loves to play with other canines. We rescued him when he was just four months old from a kennel in Ras Al Khaimah. He was thrown in the rubbish at a very young age. When we visited the kennel, he hugged my wife and wouldn’t let go. We didn’t choose him, he chose us. We are looking forward to having our boy back soon.

If you would like to get in touch, you can reach us at Roberto.Garrone@kerzner.com or visit the facebook page, www.facebook.com/groups/1487831247920709.