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From show jumping to being abandoned in the desert, horse looks for a fresh start

A horse was abandoned in the desert and was found starving to death

By Nadirha StevenGulf News reader
14:36 June 30, 2017


A few months ago, an emancipated horse was abandoned in the desert outside Dubai. He was left to starve to death with abscesses in both front hooves making it difficult to walk.

A big-hearted woman from PARA UAE, a dog rescue and nonprofit organisation based in Dubai, took him in and saved him.

She named the gentle giant Lazaz and his slow journey to recovery started at the Desert Riding Club in the Al Khawaneej area. A few of us expatriate women helped him regain his fighting spirit by grooming, walking and feeding him treats. Fortunately, Sarah generously took on the financial burden herself, although it was quite a lot.

Lazaz is a chestnut Selle-Francais sports horse, which possibly could have been a show jumper. His microchip was removed so there is no way of knowing who owned him or his provenance. Lazaz is a gentle giant with great manners and a sweet personality. He will do anything for an apple.

Unfortunately, Lazaz fell sick a few days ago and was diagnosed with equine piroplasmosis, a tick-borne disease of horses, and so he had to be transported by ambulance to Sharjah Equine Hospital as an emergency case.

He is getting better and is ready to leave, nevertheless, the veterinary bill is estimated to be around Dh10,000, which the equine hospital needs to be cleared before his release.

In addition to that, the Desert Riding Club is owed livery worth around Dh2,000 and Dh1,500 is due to be paid to the farrier for the horseshoes. The dentist did a favour and treated Lazaz’s teeth for free.

We hope Lazaz will get his well-deserved sanctuary home. He was used, abused, neglected and abandoned but still has the will to survive. This shows Lazaz is a survivor. If anyone is interested in helping to rescue Lazaz, they can get in touch with me at nadirha@hotmail.co.uk.

— The reader is based in Dubai.