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Poll Analysis

Poll Analysis

By Anupa Kurian-MurshedReaders Editor
15:52 December 7, 2017

In my days of youth (a long, long time ago) there used to be a popular cake that was much loved, much consumed. Its name - Death by Chocolate. This was the 1980s, when diabetes was thought of as something people over a certain age suffered from.

We were immune from such ills. Or so we thought. Then cases of Type 2 diabetes started cropping up in 30-year-olds. Did it cause a pause? Yes, perhaps. But, not enough.

Today, the world is facing diabetes at epidemic proportions. Fortunately, the world has also cottoned on to the biggest culprit – hidden sugars, as our online poll results reveal. Seven out of ten who votes said they were worried about sugar in their diet – seen and unseen. It was based on the Gulf News report, “38.7 million diabetics in Mena region”, published in the Nation section on December 6.

This is half the battle won. Do you know of anybody who has beaten diabetes? Share their story on our Facebook page.

- By Anupa Kurian-Murshed/Readers Editor