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Does involvig celebrities in movements help people care more?

Are celebrities role models for change?

Shreya Bhatia, Readers Interactivity Journalist
16:01 September 13, 2017

In her recent trip to Jordan, as a part of her UNICEF duties, Priyanka Chopra called the Syrian refugee problem a “humanitarian crisis”, as reported in the tabloid!, published September 12.

Celebrities have taken up many social campaigns and have popularised international issues. We asked our online readers if involving celebrities to promote a cause makes people care more, and there was a 50-50 divide in the responses.

UAE resident Anagha Rajesh, wrote on the official Gulf News page and called celebrities “role models” for helping society. In contrast, Ramesh Krishnan said that celebrities don’t create a medium for other people to contribute.

In the past, Angelina Jolie, Ricky Martin and Ben Stiller have been involved in humanitarian work. While celebrities help popularise a cause, it seems like they can do a better job of helping other people get involved in a movement. readers@gulfnews.com