• April 26, 2018
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Are you cautious with your apps?

Three quarters of poll respondents have less than 25 apps, but are these apps ‘safe’?

16:30 July 16, 2017

Three quarters of poll respondents have 25 or less apps on their smartphone. According to the page A4 report, ‘Declutter your phone to keep out security threats’, published in the Nation section of Gulf News, on July 15, it’s important to keep your device safe by regularly monitoring the usage of apps, turning off automatic downloads, evaluate app permissions and turning off all features you don’t need.

According to Digital Trends, an online technology magazine, 83 per cent of the top Android apps and 91 per cent of the top iOS apps had at least one action that puts your information at risk. Apps that have no need for your location are tracking your phone’s whereabouts for advertisers. Apps with ads can accumulate a lot of information — and we really don’t what information has been used, sold or traded.

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