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Where is your sense of empathy?

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
16:28 August 8, 2017

Where is your sense of empathy?

Comments from people justifying a crime of rape and blaming the victim is shocking (“Brutal rape alleged after Palm Jumeirah dinner”, Gulf News, August 4)! These comments are so disgusting, especially when the victim is blamed for being raped! We all have sisters, mothers, daughters and wives and would not wish this upon anyone. Just because you invited someone out for dinner doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of her. I assume they were friends and he decided to betray her. Shame on him and everyone that thinks that she deserved to be raped. People seem to be losing their sense of empathy for victims.

From Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr.


An unjustifiable crime

A rape is never justified. The rapist is to blame. The moment he approached her and she said no, it becomes unacceptable. What I have noticed is how everyone is quick to judge people without knowing the whole story. It’s sickening to be honest. Everyone acts like they know everything. The girl was raped! So, stop finding excuses for what happened.

From Mr Rocky AJ


Power play

Rape is considered abhorrent behaviour and there is no justification for it. It’s about taking power. She said no, he tried to take that power away. Some men are not taught to see a woman as an equal. But nothing, no behaviour, justifies rape. No one ever has the right to assault a person.

From Ms Daniella How


Not a blame game

What a shame to blame the victim! Sure, he might have set it up and think that she would be willing. But, when she said no, it should have stopped there. Any decent man, would have left her alone, had it been against her will. Without consent, it’s rape and no victim needs to be blamed for it.

From Ms Beth Haynes Ulleri


Sympathy for victims

No one is justifying rape here. What happened is totally unacceptable. We are talking about the situation that led to this incident. This person in discussion here is unemployed and obviously the woman should have suspected something to be wrong and should have returned home. Everyone has an opinion. Why do people get offended when others comment? People like us can only sympathise through our comments. When something happens to us directly then we come to know.

From Mr Jimmy Jacob


Women have rights

It’s a very sad thing to read that a woman justifies a crime like this one. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants.

From Mr Paolo Maria

Dubai, UAE

Stop victim shaming

As I read the reader comments on this report, it seemed that it was the woman’s fault. It always ends up with victim shaming. That’s the reason why some women don’t fight for their rights, because in the end, instead of suing the suspect, it always ends up like this.

From Ms Jhen Evaristo


Maintaining caution

People are very judgmental these days because you are not the one at the receiving end. Well, people have different kinds of relationships and friendships. Please don’t judge anyone. The rules and regulations in the UAE are strict. It is a crime to use power and violence. It is not about a specific nationality, but is about humanity. We must be careful and shouldn’t accept anything.

From Ms Choden Nadik Bhutia


Praise for firefighters

This was devastating news (“The Torch tower fire at Dubai Marina put out”, Gulf News, August 4). With fires spreading rapidly and debris falling from the tower, it is a Herculean task for the fire fighters to bring the blaze under control. When a fire breaks out in high-rise buildings, it is very difficult for the firemen to extinguish it. With every second, the fire spreads. Hence there are chances of casualties and injuries and evacuation process takes time, too. High-rise buildings should be constructed with fire-resistant materials and fire safety should be mandatory in all the buildings. I pray for the safety of all the residents.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

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Praise for Rulers

In a time where leaders are unavailable, we need leaders like this. Salute to Shaikh Mansour Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, for this gesture.

From Mr Rahul S. P.


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Sympathy for tenants of Torch

What great and caring Rulers we have in Dubai. I feel sorry for the tenants on the 50th floor that had to tackle the stairs. Glad there were no casualties.

Wilma Booysen

Dubai, UAE

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Safety is key

Fires cause billions of dollars in damage every year in the US, as stated by the US Fire Administration (USFA). People die every day from fires in the US. These deaths and injuries to property can be prevented if each building had a working fire detector. I request the American government to provide each building with a free fire detector yearly. People need a place to labour, sleep and eat without a natural disaster. Safety is key. Our architectural structures must be kept out of harm’s way at all times.

From Mr Jordan Cooper

South Carolina, USA

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Not region specific

Fires happen everywhere and some are worse than this. It is human carelessness and negligence that is to be blamed for such disasters in most cases.

From Mr Sameer Saroha,


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