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What have we become?

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
17:10 February 3, 2018

What have we become?

The controversy surrounding the film “Padmavat” does not seem to be ending (“Eight-month-old baby girl raped in Delhi”, Gulf News, January 31). Everyday people are still protesting and causing chaos everywhere. If only politicians, party members and leaders put this much energy and dedication into solving real problems, our country would be a better place. The eight-month old baby who was brutally raped is fighting for her life. Is anyone doing anything to help the plight of women in India? It is shameful. What have we become?

From Ms Neelam Raj


Corruption on the inside

There are many politicians who have a criminal background and are elected to political parties every term. Whatever cases remain, their cases remain unsettled for a long time because of their influence in civil society. The present system requires serious revamping because improvements need to be made. The majority of people, the general public, is suffering the most and they continue to face difficulties in their life.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


The problem today…

The problem is that, most people want to go for management positions without job experience. You cannot be a decision maker without proper experience. It is wrong to learn things only theoretically, graduate from Western countries and then think of returning to your own country, to get a high salary and good position. To make decisions means to decide employees’ futures.

From Mr Martin Dietsche


Be happy, live happy

Well for me, I was able to connect with people I haven’t spoken to in decades (“Is social media all bad?”, Gulf News, January 30). If you’re talking about fake news and drama, that’s everywhere! It depends on how you consider something. Positivism in life makes us live happily.

From Ms Tsarls Harn Sampedro


Isolated if not on social media

Advancement in technology is always better than living in the stone ages. Social media has connected and given the world access to a lot of benefits. In this busy world when no one has time, social media has managed to connect and bind people together. In short, if we are not on social media we are difficult to track and find in the world.

From Mr Mohammad Altaf

Ras Al Khaimah

Met and reconnected

I’ve met many long-lost friends and school friends through Facebook. Now we can communicate with each other easily. This is the same with my faraway relatives.

From Ms Erlie Dizon


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