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We need more kindness

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
16:11 December 31, 2017

Let us rise above the mire in 2018

Life is hard. We all have our hopes and dreams. But the joy is when we understand the difference between reality and illusion. There are things we can achieve with determination - these are dreams. Others are just a figment of our imagination that can cause pain. The point is to know the difference. In 2018, I hope to stay as grounded and determined as possible, so that I can be the best mother, daughter and wife. There is enough hate around us - I want to be able to rise above that.

From Ms Athena Alex

Abu Dhabi

Peace and joy to the world

I fervently hope that 2018 is marked as a year of peace and harmony. Our world now has more refugees than it did during World War II. A majority of them are children who have been uprooted from their homes and now face a future of uncertainty and exploitation. It is our common responsibility to contribute in some way to assist them, and I have pledged that along with members of my youth organisation, Green Hope Foundation, that I shall work to engage them in the mainstream through education for sustainable development. We must work together for the common good of humanity and create a just, equitable and sustainable world where every citizen enjoys a life of dignity.

From Ms Kehkashan Basu


Best things in life

From time immemorial mankind has been in constant search for the best things in life, every year passing by, everybody looks forward to a better new year, so do I.

This year, I am looking forward to a better business environment, wherein I belong most of the time.

As Expo 2020 is approaching, I hope for an even more prosperous business environment in the UAE. I also look forward to spending more time with my family.

From Mr Mohsin Ahmad


We need more kindness

Each year, towards its end, we plan something and during the next year we happily discard it - usually. Little deeds of kindness have always wiped the tears. Simplicity paved the way for complexity and complexity for obscurity. Hence, simple people stumble upon the rocks of life and bleed. Can we do something to wipe the tears or nurse the wounds? If a single word of kindness can make a person smile that would be a great thing in this miserable world. In 2018, can we meet at least one person every day without dual or triple personality disorders, as that would be a huge relief?

From Ms Annie Rathi Samuel


A beautiful life

This new year, besides thinking about yourself, your health, your wealth and your career, please do make a move to turn someone else’ life into a beautiful world.

As for me, I will taste and see that life is good. Touch each day with appreciation as if it might be my last.

Take time to pursue what matters most to me, what really matters. Then let go of everything else and just let myself live, and live beautifully; and by that I mean extremely beautifully.

From Ms Emma Suba

Dubai, UAE

Hope floats

Well, I hope 2018 will be good for many, as things are going to be bit expensive and most probably incomes will remain same. In this scenario, we have to be quite smart in our financial management. Finally, I would say let us hope for good because “the world survives on hope”.

From Mr Qassim Abdullah


Change is here

This year will bring more change to Dubai - it will be good for all of us. Dubai is moving towards 2020. People working in the UAE will be benefit from the introduction of VAT. All the best Dubai!

From Mr Rajesh Chaturvedi


A year of discovery

In 2018, I would like to continue with my early morning jogging, which was left midway in 2017. That would be an important regular activity that gives me positiveness and energy for the day. A 25-minute walk/jog along the service road of Shaikh Zayed Road and my day begins. My plans include travelling to some exotic places on Earth for landscape photography and to learn about different cultures and traditions. I have not got to the finer details of the trips that I envisage. I believe that an effort to travel to not well known locales will be undertaken in the 2018.

I hope the world will experience more peace this year. I also hope that greater discoveries in science and healthcare will help the sick, and more humanitarian effort will offer solace to those in need.

From Mr Mohammad Arfan Asif


Home way from home

This year, I am celebrating my twelfth year living in the Middle East. I have considered the UAE as my second home. I hope that with the VAT affecting prices of products and services, companies would also consider increasing wages of employees.

From Mr J.A.

Full name withheld by request

Abu Dhabi

Family traditions

I hope we have world peace this year. My hope is that we all see young entrepreneurs invest more time in their existing family businesses, the younger generation shouldn’t let go of family traditions. Farming for example - with growing global population and more mouths to feed, if there is less produce, we will have problems.

From Mr Ramprasad Macharlu Srinivasamurthy


A new path

There were two resolutions I had set for 2017, both if which I completed more than half but couldn’t finish it. For 2018, I would expect to finish those resolutions not just by the skin of my teeth but better myself in both of those goals. This will be the year of my graduation, and the year when more responsibilities will come to me. I am looking forward to ending the study life, for now, and step into work life and pursue my passions. The year 2018 could be a deciding year for my career and life in general, but I’m hoping and expecting to find the true path that would make me happy, and follow that path with no regrets.

From Mr Nishchay Oswal


Come back to the UAE

I hope that 2018 will bring me the opportunity to come back to the UAE and get a good job. Any helping hand will serve to be an advantage for me to find a good job in the UAE. My family misses me too much and my son always asks me when we will go back to the UAE.

From Mr Lodhi Azmatullah Khan


Missing family

Stepping into 2018, I am thankful for everything that 2017 gave me. It has given me a strong foundation to build upon in 2018. A healthy lifestyle, food choices that I consciously made in 2017 and many other small changes will continue with me into this year. I aim to write more, paint more and live more. My biggest expectation for 2018 is to qualify and be certified to practise as a doctor in the US. My ambition has always been to serve people, and I pray that Allah gives me opportunities to do that this year.

A bonus wish granted would be to be able to meet my family in the UAE. I have been away for a year and I miss both - the country and my family.

From Dr Fatima Khan

California, US

Share with people

For 2018, I hope and pray that people around the world will have a better understanding to promote peace and unity for the benefit of the majority and not to focus just on his or her own self. For the expatriates, I hope for benefits and security of tenure for working in the UAE and creation of more jobs to augment people’s lives from different nationalities. Personally, I am looking forward for the continuous earning to be able to save for my retirement fund. The plan of going back for good to my home country will always be there in my heart, although Dubai is my second home for more than 10 years now. With my modest income, I will continue to enjoy travelling to different parts of the world during the annual holidays and not to forget to share with people in need whenever I can.

From Ms Maria Teresa Sanchez Edpan


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