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Violence everywhere: Where is the love?

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

15:07 March 12, 2018

Where is the love?

While there has been quite an improvement in communities displaying tolerance towards other cultures and religions, there are regions across the globe where minorities are still discriminated against, at the hands of the majority (“Spread of communal violence feared”, Gulf News, March 7). The persecution of the Rohingya people in Myanmar has been a disturbing example of how intolerance shows its ugly face when it comes to accommodating people with a different ethnicity and religion. The Israeli occupation serves as a reminder of how powerful regimes crush the aspirations of people who have lived there all their life. Similarly, some Christians also suffered discrimination recently in Egypt and minority groups in Pakistan also faced a different kind of intolerance, where small communities were subjected to violence by a majority. Iraq and Syria are going through turmoil, where different ethnic groups and religious factions have taken up arms against each other. It has resulted in immense bloodshed. What is needed is a concerted effort by world organisations, such as the United Nations (UN), and the involvement of governments, to create educational programmes and develop venues for multicultural interactions, starting at grass-roots levels. This way, the next generation would have a better understanding of how diverse this world is and respond to different cultures and religious faiths with an open mind.

From Mr Esmail Mohammad


Time to unite

Sri Lankans are some of the most peaceful people in this world, yet someone wants to create a whirlwind there too. There are many conflicts in the world, but this one affects me personally. Some modern-day genocides are even overlooked by mass media. All of this is sad and disheartening, but my message is clear - we must unite to defeat the evil, instead of letting different religious views be the reason for division.

From Ms Lanchik Lana


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Looking for utopia

Is there any country where people of different religions actually live in peace?

From Mr Yuvrajsingh Chauhan


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Take a breather

What has happened to this world? Where is peace and tolerance? Educated people are acting so uncultured. Live and let live!

From Mr Shakeel Rehman


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Revolution in agriculture

Dubai government’s initiative to introduce vertical farming at Badia Farms, will be a milestone in the agriculture sector (“Dubai opens region’s first vertical farms”, Gulf News, March 6). This technology will enable the agricultural industry to adapt to climate change and ensure food security. Growing plants in a closed environment without natural light and with the help of light-emitting diode (LED) lights is something new. These plants grow in a controlled environment in hydroponic systems and grow two to three times faster than outdoor plants. Now, it is really a revolution – to change greenhouses to vertical farms in a controlled setting. This type of farming only requires five per cent water, compared to natural farms, and it’s apt for this region. Dubai always aims for a sustainable future.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Help for the elderly

This is a helpful guide, especially for people who are not tech-savvy (“How to renew your Emirates ID online”, Gulf News, March 5). While I’m all for the authorities setting up electronic means to get things done, I would urge them to also have kiosks where people, like the elderly or those who do not speak English or Arabic, can get some help when they come in for ID renewals or other similar work. My dad is 72 years old and he dreads the day he has to get his documents renewed, because he is unfamiliar with using the internet to get things done.

From Ms Kamila Asher


Different reality

I was amused by the letter (“Letters to the Editor: What has BJP really achieved?”, Gulf News, March 7). It looks like the writer is unable to digest the success of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the defeat of leftist ideologies in India. As per his calculations, India should be in big trouble in all respects very soon, but the reality is different. Today, India and Indians are respected all over the world. The Indian Prime Minister is getting the highest respect from leaders of all nations. The World Bank has declared an improvement in the economy of India. The crusade against all sorts of corruption has started. Just watch how many more criminal and corrupt heads will roll soon. I would ask the writer of the letter to be optimistic. India is changing and it is inevitable. Don’t worry – the left may retain power in Kerala as long as pseudo-seculars are in the majority. But please do visit the site of the upcoming Indian temple in Abu Dhabi and please watch the 2019 election. All opposition parties, with different ideologies, who once swore they were the enemies of each other, are coming together just to fight one person. This is enough of an indication of what is happening at the grassroots level and what is on people’s minds. The followers of all these parties will understand what is happening, and decide which side to choose.

From Mr Viren Narkar


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