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Together towards new beginning

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
15:45 January 8, 2018

Together towards new beginning

Days have passed and I am still raving about the laser show on the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa (“When to catch the Burj Khalifa light show again”, Gulf News, January 3). When I heard that there would be no fireworks for the New Year celebrations, I just couldn’t believe it! Through the past few years, welcoming the New Year had become synonymous with the spectacular firework display from the Burj Khalifa that dominated and brightened the Dubai skyline. Now however, I genuinely appreciate and rather salute the decision, which, according to me, reflects Dubai’s enhanced perspective and vision for this New Year, and the years to come. By switching to a more efficient way to kick off the New Year – the LED and laser show did not cause any kind of pollution and Dubai showed the whole world that it is environmentally conscious. Dubai has always been known to have the perfect balance of the modern and traditional world. It makes leaps and bounds with every new fascinating project it undertakes. Simultaneously, it constantly tries to preserve its traditions and takes pride in its roots and values. The Dubai Frame, launched on January 1, 2018, equally highlights both New Dubai and Old Dubai, is a perfect example of this. And the laser show this year was a tribute to this astounding quality of the city. While the show obviously utilised some of the most up-to-date technologies of today, creating a new Guinness World Record, they paid tribute to the national animal the falcon, by displaying it during the show, and flaunted the beautiful Arabic script. Dubai yet again managed to convey that it is tech-savvy, modern and elegant without compromising on its values and traditions. Lastly, the vision of the great leaders of Dubai and UAE never fails to surprise me. Their leadership has brought the country to the platform where it is at today – a central hub of culture, advancement and development. Even as an expatriate living in Dubai for the past 9 years, I’ve never once felt out of place or unwelcome in this land. I hope that 2018 – the Year of Zayed – is going to be another year where our leaders and our people keep this city and country moving forward to greater heights.

From Ms Divya Sharma


The Trump card

One big wish I have for this year is to see the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III chasing down President Donald Trump and his cronies, just like he has terrorised the weak and the vulnerable (“Pakistan hits back at Trump over tweet about aid cut”, Gulf News, January 2). I hope now it will be his turn to lose his sleep and his turn to face justice. Because of his travel bans thousands of people have been affected. I personally know some refugees in a refugee camp in Kenya who already went through endless processes, waiting patiently for their turn to escape to the ‘land of freedom and opportunity’ having their dreams dashed by this legislation. They have to start another long process to change their plans and find another country that would accept them. You cannot imagine the frustration, the agony these people have gone through. Families were separated. People lost their loved ones who were deported back to the unknown. Elderly people, with heart problems, who didn’t speak English, had to endure undue hardship as a result of this man whose mission is to make America great again. I hope Trump will get a glimpse of the pain these humans have gone through as a result of his reckless and inhumane legislation. I really hope and pray tables will be turned this year and we will get to see an arrogant, egotistical leader who thinks he owns the world, come to his knees, begging for mercy. It is my hope that Mueller and his team will make sure no stone is left unturned. Trump’s wealth will not help him in any shape or form to escape the wrath of justice.

From Mr Abu Bakar N. Kasim


Mind your own business

I can’t understand why the US is always looking to Asia and the Middle East. They have issues of their own which they should solve first. Asia and the Middle East should try and understand why they are looking towards them.

From Mr S. M.


Hurricane Trump

Donald Trump is going to go down in history for all the wrong reasons. He has completely destroyed international relationships that have taken years to form. He needs to take a step back and think of the policies he is implementing. I don’t understand why his advisers don’t give him sound solutions. His recent action towards Pakistan and Palestine are outrageous. I really pray for his mental stability. He seems terribly unwell.

From Ms Alia Mathur


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