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The best friend who give us unconditional love

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

Gulf News readers
17:31 July 15, 2017

The best friend who gives us unconditional love

It’s true that pets can relieve our stress (‘Can pets actually keep stress at bay?’, Gulf News, July 9). Pets, like dogs and cats, give happiness. People who are compassionate, lovable and caring can have pets at home. Pets often take us back to our childhood days. In return they give us unconditional love. I, too, had a puppy that would greet me whenever I returned home and constantly followed me wherever I went. Having a pet makes you more happy and active and you forget everything. It reduces pressure and gives you comfort. I find that animals, especially dogs are more loving than human beings. They are more grateful and we have heard many stories of them taking care of their masters, especially if they are disabled. People tend to turn to pets as friends who turn out to be true friends. It gives us relief from loneliness.

Recently my friend was gifted a puppy and I heard a lot of interesting stories about Charlie. More people will adopt pets in the future and many will seek their company instead of a human friend. In Europe, it’s very common to see dogs as pets. It’s true that pets give us unconditional love.

From Mr Eappen Elias


More than possible

The woman from the report, Fiona Alison, she is blessed and even bringing up her children better than others (‘Community report in-depth: The life of a single parent’, Gulf News, July 11). Many people who stay in an unhappy marriage do so with the sole reason of keeping a family together for their children. I hope reasonable concessions are given at work places for single parents. In India we have some reservation in government jobs for divorced and abandoned women.

From Ms Veronica Trema Sivadas


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Not a solution!

It is pathetic that India’s Mumbai government had no other means to give way to ambulances than to make them louder (‘Order gives ambulances right to make more noise in Mumbai’, Gulf News, July 8). Mumbai is one of the most industrialised cities in India and industrialisation means an increase in pollution levels.

So, is the government planning to increase its already high levels of pollution with noise pollution as well? I believe that people must be educated on such things before the government starts off with its plan of action. We cannot practically experience change from a population that is already ignorant to the current sirens. It is a matter of shame that the government comes up with amendments that are virtually more harmful than beneficial to the community.

From Ms Parvathi Sreeraj


Health and knowledge

We all worry about population explosion, but we don’t worry about it at the right time (‘Gulf News - The Storytellers video: The world’s population is exploding! Here’s why’, Gulf News, July 12). By improving health, empowering women, population growth comes down. In the years to come, the combination of climate change and population growth could have a devastating effect on the planet and, needless to say, on humanity.

From Mr Srikanth S.


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Pursuit for a boy

People in these overpopulated countries have the tendency to have babies until a boy is born, as the boy is supposed to carry the family name forward. Also, some people don’t have much idea about birth control methods.

From Mr Gulam M. Gaziani


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Say ‘no’ to corruption

Hats off to Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for doing their job fearlessly and being fair (‘Panama probe: Panel urges cases against Pakistan PM, children’, Gulf News, July 11). In a corrupt and an easily influenced system like Pakistan, it’s hard to believe that the six members of the JIT investigating the ruling family, could submit this kind of report before the Supreme Court.

If there’s any morality left in the ruling party , Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) should immediately ask the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down and let the course of democracy run smoothly and strongly. Sharif and his government has lost all the credibility to rule our country after being interrogated at independent forums.

This JIT report depicts one thing clearly: The Sharif family, in particular the prime minister, has not been telling the truth in the House of Parliament while addressing the nation and before the highest authority. This leads to other crimes beyond corruption and money laundering.

The voter must differentiate between what is right and wrong. When we elect corrupt politicians, it actually depicts our own mental level, not theirs.

From Ms Khaula Shahbaz Rao

Lahore, Pakistan

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