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Rohingya Muslims need help desperately

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
16:22 September 10, 2017

Rohingya Muslims need help desperately

It seems that the Rohingya community has no identity in the world, therefore no one is really getting involved in their journey (“New fires in Rohingya villages raise questions”, Gulf News, September 8). The images, depicting the situation of this community, are painful to see. It is extremely sad that responsible people are keeping quiet and not condemning the actions of the military or helping to stop the carnage. A large number of the people fleeing include women and children. Since they are denied citizenship and other fundamental rights to survive, poverty and increased violence have been affecting their life. The atrocities cannot be tolerated in a world that is already seeing another massive refugee crisis. It’s high time the UN intervened in the issue.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Help the Rohingya

Beating, burning and hurting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is now becoming a norm. Everyone is watching, but no one seems to be protesting it, apart from a few countries. Everyone is asking Bangladesh to give them shelter. The present situation of the Rohingya demands much more than shelter. The people need help to survive.

From Mr M. A. Mannan

Abu Dhabi

Not a blame game

The situation of Rohingya Muslims is becoming grave. Not a single country has offered asylum to the Rohingya Muslims. Boycotting trade with Myanmar and blaming Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is not a solution to this problem.

From Mr Mohandas. T. K.


Lost credibility

I am extremely disappointed by Aung San Suu Kyi’s response to the Rohingya issue. How can she blame the victims when militiamen are surrounding villages, raping women, decapitating children and setting buildings ablaze? Suu Kyi was herself a victim of persecution by a military regime, so she should know better. By denying that there is systematic abuse ongoing by the security services, she has revealed herself to be a hypocrite and has lost credibility in the eyes of the world.

From Ms Alia Shah


War is not the answer

North Korea’s recent missile test is a threat to the whole world (“Forcing North Korea to back down”, Gulf News, September 8). The country carried out a nuclear test by defying United Nations (UN) resolution and sanctions. Instead of increasing its nuclear power, the whole world should move towards nuclear disarmament. Nuclear conflicts between countries will end in the destruction of the whole world. Urgent steps should be taken by the UN, the Security Council and world leaders. North Korea should be brought to the table for a discussion. The world is still reeling from the civil wars in the Middle East and Africa. War is never a solution, so let us all hope for peace.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Will be remembered

The brutal murder of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh, by an unidentified person, should be condemned (“Outrage in India over murder of journalist”, Gulf News, September 6). Known for her bold opinions, Lankesh has spent nearly three decades in journalism and has never compromised her opinions. Journalists and activists should be taken care of by the Indian government. She has never asked for police protection, despite threats to her life. Her departure is a great loss to the journalism world. I pray for her grieving family members.

From Mr K. Ragavan



Offer protection

India is a free country, yet when people express their opinions, they seem to get murdered. For a prominent journalist to be shot outside her home is shocking. Everyone has opinions that may offend or go against someone, but killing someone as revenge is absurd. We can’t keep living like this. At least she died true to herself. Lankesh never compromised her opinions for anyone and she will always be remembered for this. I hope the Indian government comes out with a law or clause that states that people in the media who hold high positions and reputations should be given protection from the state.

From Ms Sanam Rai


Pets are family

The warm weather is not easy to tolerate (“Save an Animal”, Gulf News, September 9). Visiting the animal shelter called Middle East Animal Foundation left me with a lot of mixed feelings. There were many abandoned cats in the shelter, waiting to be adopted or fostered. Most of these helpless creatures know how cruel and disappointing life can be. Being abandoned by their families and dumped in the street during such bad weather is inhumane. It’s not right to dump your family members on the streets.

From Ms Sanith Santhasa Piyadigamage


Tough conditions

It is very tough for them because they are working very hard, but some employers can’t see it (“The coolest and hottest jobs in the UAE”, Gulf News, September 6). We all know what the temperatures are like in the UAE during summer months. I hope they are given their due benefits.

From Ms Raviena S.


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