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Praise for the Rulers

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
14:48 January 7, 2018

Praise for the Rulers

I would like to share that I am happy and grateful to have UAE as my country of birth and residence (“Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid dedicates Accession Day anniversary to Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed”, Gulf News, January 3). It is one of the safest countries in the world. The shops are very safe, and I am not scared of anything here. We can come back from any part of the country back to our home without fear. The transportation is awesome in all the emirates especially of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The government looks after our convenience and increased the time of the Metro and made it function for longer hours during New Year’s Eve celebrations. The buildings are well planned and comfortable and the architecture is beautiful. There are lots of varieties of food from different countries. I think this is the only country where we can taste food from all over the world. All the people here are kind and caring. I will like to thank the army, the police and all the people that work for the UAE, for giving us such a wonderful experience. A special thanks to His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai for leading a successful and prosperous country.

From Ms Zaina Khwaja


More expenses in 2018

Yes, there are problems for a lot of people, which they didn’t have in 2017 (“UAE residents recount their first purchase with VAT”, Gulf News, January 2). For example, how are people going to call their loved ones back home? Skype is blocked. And on top of that, with the new VAT, we are squeezed to pay for apps from telecom companies to talk to our families.

From Ms Kaleemullah Muhammadzai


Can be helpful

While New Year resolutions are one of the biggest clichés, they can be a great source of inspiration for starting something new in terms of growth and development (“Facebook debate: Are New Year Resolutions worth the effort?”, Gulf News, De). But, while it’s easy to start, it’s a lot harder to keep goals that are sustainable and achievable. But to fulfil resolutions, or any goal for that matter, there needs to be a good reason to drive your goals forward. And while pursuing your New Year goals, you need to keep a track of resources and other previous commitments.

From Mr Ved Shankar


Bad role models

I really wonder how people like Logan Paul become icons for youngsters these days (“Logan Paul says suicide video a ‘huge mistake’”, Gulf News, January 4). You are what you follow. The future seems bleak with the amount of children I saw, with their parents at Dubai Mall, who had come specially to see him at his meet-and-greet.

From Ms Mahnaaz Shaikh


No alternatives?

The only communication tool we had to talk to our families is gone (“Skype blocked in UAE? Here are the alternatives”, Gulf News, January 1). I really don’t understand the harm of the application. It is very disappointing. The charges are too much. Paying Dh100 just for using the two apps, which by the way are not suitable for a laptop is a waste. What if my family does not have a smartphone?

From Ms Karen Luna


Age of innovation, not bans

These technologies were invented for the benefit of mankind, just like inventor Graham Bell created the telephone. It’s an era of advancement. Rather than putting a ban on VoIP, telecom companies should find a way to attract customers by innovation. As far as security measures are concerned, I’m sure authorities can monitor them, as both Skype and FaceTime are products of technology giants like Microsoft and Facebook. I hope they will take a favourable decision soon.

From Mr Mohammad Saqib


Exposing the corrupt

In an unprecedented move, US President Donald Trump voiced his opinions in a tweet on social media, regarding Pakistan deceiving them about accepting aid, but did not use it to curb terrorism (“Pakistan hits back at Trump over tweet about aid cut”, Gulf News, January 2). While President Trump has been openly, and without caution using his Twitter account ever since he became President, he has more than often faced backlash and retaliation over his views. Khawaja Asif, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, responded by saying, ‘We will let the world know the truth...the difference between facts and fiction.’ Trump also threatened to stop providing Pakistan with aid for Islamabad, as they gave them nothing but ‘lies and deceit’. Perhaps Pakistan providing every detail of the US aid will either compel Trump to take back his decision or create another ruckus. The US President has a habit of speaking first and thinking later.

From Mr M. Omar Iftikhar


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