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Old records are golden

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
15:49 December 7, 2017

Old records are golden

It’s true that vinyl records are nearly dead and any sign of its revival gives happiness to us (“A vinyl revival in America’s suburbs”, Gulf News, December 2). During the early 1970’s we used to use these records. I still have a record player and few vinyl records at home. We have records with the HMV mark inscribed on them. With time, these records were replaced with cassettes and now with CDs and iPod. Our smart phones have now replaced all these external devices. But, I am sure there are many who still love to hold a vinyl record and listen to some soothing music being played out of it.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Fantastic films

I am excited to attend this year’s Dubai International Film Festival (“Diff 2017: Musical films to catch this year”, Gulf News, December 5). I attend it every year and take my friends with me. I think such festivals are very important because it creates a culture of film appreciation. The tickets for some films might be a little expensive but there are some films that are showcased for free as well. I hope more young people go for this event. I think it is a great initiative and event that is organised.

From Ms Leela Rai


An end of an era

Shashi Kapoor was an icon, a legend and a phenomenal actor (“Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor dies at 79”, Gulf News, December 5). He was the romantic hero of the past and despite not being in that generation, I got to watch a lot of his movies with my grandfather. It was a ritual of ours and we would sit at night and catch an old movie of his on the cable channel back home. I think there are certain actors that really changed Indian cinema, and he was one of them. He also did a lot for the theatre scene in India and opened a theatre institute to groom young talent. It is really sad to see such legends go. I wish you could rewind time and give them a few more years to make magic on the big screen. He will be terribly missed.

From Ms Alia Mathur


The waning moon

There is always something exciting happening in the night sky (“‘Super Moon’ spotted in UAE skies”, Gulf News, December 4). The next spectacular event is the Geminids meteor shower, which will take place on December 13 and 14. We shall get to witness the next super moon on the first day of the New Year. This shall be followed by a ‘Blue Moon’. The moon will not physically turn blue, but the phenomenon is just a term for the rare occasion in which we have two full moons in a calendar month.

From Mr Amol Mane


A display of ignorance

People of the Hindu faith use certain phrases and Christian’s say ‘Amen’, when praying, or for any other reason, just like how that little boy used the word ‘Allah’ in class (“US teacher calls police after boy says ‘Allah’ in class”, Gulf News, December 4). The teacher has done a shameful thing by calling the police. This incident shows their sick mentality. These kinds of teachers should not be allowed to teach since they are causing trouble for the present and future generations, instead of making a child’s future bright.

From Mr Nep W.


Think before you tweet

In his recent visit to the Indian capital, New Delhi, former US President, Barack Obama was mentioning how popular social media is in helping to send messages to people fast (“Obama says ‘think before you tweet’”, Gulf News, December 3). He was repeatedly asking his successor, President Donald Trump to be careful. Tweets are going very fast and messages should not be a complex issue. Whoever sends tweets should be careful before sending them.

From Mr K Ragavan


Pink’s take on gender

I think singer Pink’s way of raising her daughter is praiseworthy (“Pink raising her children gender neutral”, Gulf News, December 4). Often, we fall prey to stereotypes. Raising a child in a gender fluid manner is what we need today. When children are little we put too much emphasis on what roles they should take on, what colours they should wear and that impacts how they see themselves in the future. If children are made to grow up the way they want without a lot of pressure from their parents, I think they will turn out just fine. I like how the singer is setting an example for other parents. She has always been unapologetically herself, and I appreciate how she is passing this on to her daughter.

From Ms Revna Singh


Praise for Rulers

If someone asked me to describe the city of Dubai in simple words, I would say that such words do not exist. Hats off to His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. His vision cannot be matched. Hats off to the Dubai Police as they deserve infinitive appreciations to keep Dubai safe.

From Mr Razz R.


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