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Never give up on your dreams

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
15:12 February 12, 2018

Never give up on your dreams

It is sad that some school-going girls who want to study and make their future better are instead married off to much older men by their families (“Woman rushes to write exam four hours after delivery”, Gulf News, February 9). Child marriages still happen in rural areas in the Subcontinent, despite strict laws that have been put in place to prohibit the act. Motherhood is a blessing to women but only when it happens at the right age and time, and especially when the woman is fully able to look after her child. One can only feel sorry for women like Babita Kumari who are pushed into marriage at a tender age and not allowed to pursue their dreams. Her dedication to her studies is laudable. She has proven that nothing can stop a woman from getting education, if she stays determined. She is truly an inspiration for tens of thousands of women across the globe who give up on their dreams and aspirations after marriage.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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A warning message needed

The authorities could give warning messages or create more public awareness about the newly launched bus fine system, by playing videos in public waiting areas or by putting up informative stickers in public buses and other places (“Dh200 fine for bus commuters who do not pay the fare”, Gulf News, February 5). It would be better to notify people in this way, before implementing fines.

From Mr Muthu Nainar


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The card game

This is not something new (“Heaps of massage cards found every day”, Gulf News, February 9). Everyone is aware of these dirty advertisements and it is extremely annoying. Massage cards are horrendous and this has been happening for a decade at least.

From Mr Mohammad Yaseen


Stop the cards

I think such cards are a complete nuisance and they can only be found in the older parts of Dubai. I hope the authorities will take immediate action. The issue has been raised numerous times, yet there does not seem to be a permanent solution. Not only do these people litter the streets and destroy the visual appeal of the place, but their cards also affect our children, as they wonder what such cards are and what they mean. I think these rackets should be stopped immediately.

From Ms Anjum Apte


A great leader

Khaleda Zia is a great patriotic leader and is very popular (“Clashes as Bangladesh court jails opposition leader Zia for five years”, Gulf News, February 9). She has been the Prime Minister of Bangladesh twice before. I think the present government is scared of her popularity and is trying to make her look guilty. If patriotic people like her came to power in Bangladesh, a lot of so-called politicians and bureaucrats, whose main job is stealing, would get punished. Therefore, they are scared. They are afraid of fair elections in Bangladesh.

From Mr Kamrul C.


No more delays

I write in reference to Gulf News’ interview of Om Prakash Rawat, the chief election commissioner of India. It may be true that the implementation of simultaneous polls might be a difficult proposition in the near future. However, since India’s Prime Minister and President are keen to implement the same, the country’s Election Commission and other constitutional heads should work out the laws and formalities to review this and implement it without any further delay. If there is a will, there is a way.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


No justice, no humanity

It’s heinous, shameful and shocking that an eight-month-old baby was raped by her own cousin, in Delhi (“Outrage over infant’s rape, Gulf News, February 1). It’s inhumane and there are no words to describe this heinous crime. These monsters do not spare even infants. According to the National Crime Records Bureau data, 20,000 child rape cases were reported in 2016 and the figures are growing. I wonder about these perverts’ state of mind. Did they have any idea what they were doing or feel the pain of the infant? What kind of pleasure can a person derive from such cruelty? It would be easy to brand them as mentally unstable and that would eventually help save them from the legal noose. How would the culprit react if an incident like this happened to his daughter? Do the culprits not realise that their families and friends are equally vulnerable to such crimes? Would they be able to tolerate it? Now, infants as well as children are no longer safe within the four walls of their homes. Capital punishment should be given to this criminal and a fast track court should establish justice.

From Mr Eappen Elias


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