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Measures from the government

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
18:36 February 11, 2018

Measures from the government

Though India has a federal government with the presence of hundreds of media houses, when it comes to public administration, we can’t see any accountability, commitments or responsibility towards the general public (“India’s farmed chickens dosed with world’s strongest antibiotics: study”, Gulf News, February 3). The policies and programmes of the political parties are guided by religious compulsion. We cannot see a government, be it at central or state level, with accountability towards its people after elections. What they are doing is nourishing their respective political parties during their tenure. Only the rich seem to be well cared for in India. Poor law enforcement coupled with corruption leave public health at peril. There are chemicals and toxic substances in certain food items beyond permissible limits, especially in meat products and vegetables. But, there is no action taken by the government or the judiciary to stop these unethical practices. The poor don’t have much choice as they cannot shop for organic products and buy and eat whatever they have in markets. People and government give importance to convenience. When people used the meat of home-grown chicken and vegetables, we didn’t have many cases of fatalities arising from diseases. I think we cannot make radical changes in the system overnight.

From Mr Girish R. Edathitta


Objection, overruled

It was great news that, based on the public interest litigation in India, the Karnataka High Court declared the Karnataka Bandh (close) for February 4 as unconstitutional. Since this Bandh had the blessings of the ruling party in the state, we were afraid whether the High Court ruling would be implemented. We feel that the Karnataka court should be vigilant to ensure that the state government obeys its rulings, as there have been occasions when the government ignored such court rulings in the past. Until and unless strict action is taken, the public will continue to face such hurdles for decades to come.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Tragedy strikes

It is really sad that after 18 years of struggle, a middle-aged mother who gave birth to twins died in the hospital (“Long wait for baby ends in tragedy”, Gulf News, February 7). Having a baby after waiting 18 years is supposed to be a thrilling experience and it turned out to be a tragic one. There are no words to console the father after the death of his wife. All their happiness and dreams have been shattered. Kerala ranks the lowest in India when it comes to infant mortality rate and they place high importance on maternal health. Healthcare and education in Kerala is one of the highest among other states, too.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Rash driving during fog

I think people need classes on how to drive in fog (“Fog accident: Police arrest truck driver”, Gulf News, February 8). One of the first things we learn when applying for a driver’s licence is how to drive in foggy conditions and which lights to switch on and off. Despite that, I have seen so many people drive fast during such conditions and it makes me question how they got their licence. Recently, there have been so many accidents, and while I agree it is because of the fog, it is also because people do not know how to drive in such conditions. I think people should have an exam every two years while trying to renew their licence so that the standard of driving is maintained and people remember all the traffic rules. The major accident involving 44 vehicles in Abu Dhabi was so sad. I hope this teaches people a lesson.

From Ms Rita Kapoor


Great ideas and future friendship

It gives me heart-filled satisfaction that the India-UAE Mars mission has been cemented for the future and this shows the cooperation between the friendly countries (“Gulf News travels to India ahead of Modi’s UAE visit”, Gulf News, February 8). As for India, it has successfully marched through various space missions. And while it looks forward to climbing further heights, the tie up between the two countries would have a miraculous outcome. When the UAE attempts to take on anything new, they always use the best quality products. A colony in Mars by 2171, would make the UAE the best in the field.

From Mr Vijayan S. Kallunad


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