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Is Valentine’s Day creating pressure?

Do people feel pressured into celebrating February 14?

By Gulf News readers
16:30 February 10, 2018

A social construct

In my understanding there’s no particular day or time to express love. All days are just as special and wonderful! Valentine’s Day is a concept that has been commercially built, and those who do all the fuss, do it because society created a norm and there is some pressure people feel. Breaking their back and trying to keep up and match up to what is ‘expected’ in a desperate attempt to make a point are really not driven with the right attitude. Love is simple and all days are good for love

From Ms Ruchika Arya


A day to appreciate everyone

I think the day is relevant as it’s a nice way to show your significant other how much you love, care and appreciate them. While many argue that you should show how much you appreciate people every day and not just on one day of the year, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day for example, I think that in today’s day, with our hectic schedules, showing someone how much they mean to you every day can be quite challenging. Engaging in a universal celebration of love such as Valentine’s Day is worthwhile. Another argument against Valentine’s Day is that ‘It’s a day for florists, gift stores and romantic restaurants to profit’, however I think that different people like to celebrate the day differently. Spending quality time and showing your significant other how much they mean to you is the most important thing and people show this in different ways. They don’t have to conform to the popularised notion of celebrating Valentine’s Day: the idea of gift giving. I also think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be restricted to those in relationships. I believe that the day is a celebration of love and a reminder to appreciate all those who hold value in your life including friends and family.

From Ms Aroushi Malhotra


Love everyone

Love is free, and everyone does what they feel will make their loved ones happy. Valentine’s Day is about those special people in your life and they could be your son, mother, father or neighbour. You show them and share the love with that person. And with love, we can move more mountains.

From Mr Curtis Kiggundu Moses


Not just one day

When you truly love and care for someone, every day becomes your Valentine’s Day. February 14 is just a date and a day like any ordinary day. So learn to make every day your own Valentine ’s Day by making your partner happy. Do not wait only one day to do this. That’s my opinion.

From Mr Manfred Anwanda


Every day is Valentine’s Day

I don’t think it’s relevant. The things done on Valentine’s Day should be done on a regular basis, to show your partner the appreciation you have for each other. So there you have it - it should not be just once a year.

From Mr Temarie Sutherland


Applying love

It’s the most useless celebration. Love should be shown every day not on a particular day. But again, the problem I have with this day is how many people interpret the word ‘love’ and how it’s applied. This is the major issue.

From Mr Musawwir Karim


Need a day for love

While I think love should be celebrated every day, the concept of Valentine’s Day is sweet. We all get so carried away with our routine that we forget to show the people we love how much we care about them. I think this day makes us all take a little extra effort and go the extra mile. I do not see anything wrong with buying flowers or presents for loved ones. You don’t have to have a romantic partner in order to celebrate the day. I think love should be celebrated every day but having a day dedicated to love is what we need in today’s world. I don’t think it is overrated.

From Ms Alia Kapoor


A celebration of what?

I think we all have become so busy with life that we forget to spend time with each other. Why are we forgetting that it’s just another day? Rather than wasting money on buying gifts, people should spend time with loved ones. Why do we need a day to express our love to the ones we love? Some people are not even aware that this day is celebrated.

From Ms Rita Sunil Savio Dias


Waste of money

The missing gift of time is what most are compensating for, through expensive presents and commercialised experiential gimmicks. One droopy, lifeless rose for Dh25? No thanks.

From Ms Deepti Ramachandran


No pressure

I like it. We don’t have to feel pressured to buy gifts. We just have a nice day out and enjoy ourselves. Any celebration carries positive energy. I buy gifts whenever I want, so there is no financial pressure.

From Mr Eleonora Stoyanova


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