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Indian government needs to wake up

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

By Gulf News readers
15:25 February 5, 2018

Indian government needs to wake up

It is time the Indian Railways improved its safety standards as numerous incidents of trains colliding with each other, derailments due to poorly maintained tracks, in addition to unsafe coaches are reported every now and then (“Unknown to her 3 kids, Kerala lady doctor falls off train and dies”, Gulf News, January 25). The unfortunate incident where the mother lost her life, because she reportedly fell off the train and onto the track, was sad. It is assumed that she must have been woken up from a nap, gone to visit the toilet and accidently fallen. Most coaches in the Indian railways have their toilets located next to the doors, which poses extreme risk for those who might possibly lose their balance while the trains go past a bend at high speed. In many cases the doors of the coaches are left open even while the train is in motion. Although it is too early to assess the reason of the death of the woman, the condition of the coaches pose great threat to the safety of passengers.

From Mr Esmail Mohammad


A good, clean reign

It is indeed commendable that ten Heads of State, (Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN), have attended the 69th Republic Day celebrations of India (“Dubai school celebrates Republic Day of India”, Gulf News, January 30). This is principally due to the stature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and how he projects India, as an emerging economy. His last few years have been characterised by a clean government, introduction of reforms like the Goods & Services Tax (GST) and the absence of scams. Modi should strengthen his execution machinery for improved results in the future. He should reign in fringe groups, which could polarise the country by religion or caste. He should also do away with income tax. Hardly two per cent of Indians pay income tax, and it creates unnecessary administrative woes.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja


For a good cause

I am happy to note that pupils are concerned about environmental issues, which have become a top agenda among environmentalists and agencies (“Sharjah pupil recycles 8,500 kilograms of waste paper”, Gulf News, January 30). They are taking all the necessary steps to impart awareness of recycling and the adverse impact on the environment if these wastes end up in land-fills. Like Nityashri Sankaran, we all should have some role to protect our Earth for the future generation. In Sharjah, it’s good to see that Bee’ah, the waste collection agency, has placed alot of dustbins, enabling the residents to drop papers, cups and plastics easily. Sankaran is doing her part, and I suggest that residents can help her by giving her the waste papers they collect. The fund she gets from selling the waste paper, is given to charity, which is a good gesture.

From Mr Varghese John


Shameful performance from players

It is really surprising to hear from the Indian Chairman of Selectors, MSK Prasad, that three cricket selectors may not be able to track India’s talent across the length and breadth of the vast domestic circuit. Since there are selectors under every State Cricket Board, we feel like they should forward the names of talented and consistent performing players from each State to the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI). They should, with the help of the National Selectors, keep an eye on these state players. Out of that list, a minimum of 20 to 25 players should be selected who should be groomed to represent our National Team. Moreover, we have an Under 19 (U-19) team and good coaches, who will be the best judge to unearth talented players. In this regard, our present U-19 Coach, Rahul Dravid, is doing a great service in recommending the best promising players. In fact I have a feeling that this sudden thought has come to the chief selector due to our poor performance in South Africa. Here too he should be happy that he had selected the best talent. In fact he should be proud that he has picked the best pace bowlers, who have done a great job in dismissing the star studded South African team, twice in both the Test matches. Unfortunately it is the tour selectors who had erred in picking the batsmen, who are vulnerable to pace. To add to our woes was the pathetic fielding. It is the coach, who should own the responsibility and be ashamed of the pathetic performance of our batsmen.

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth


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