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Unwelcome charges

Why has the bank demanded Dh3,600 after two years?

15:17 December 6, 2017

I hold an Air Arabia-Mashreq Bank credit card — which was upgraded by the bank at Ibn Battuta Mall branch to Mashreq Smiles card — and I am paying regularly. On issuing the new Mashreq Smiles card, the bank representative clearly told me that all future transactions would be made on my new card and my Air Arabia card would be closed. After two years, I got a call from the card section that I would have to pay around Dh3,600 for my Air Arabia card and also received an email with a demand notice from their risk management team.

I visited the branch and contacted the representative and he said I would have to pay the amount immediately, otherwise they would go for legal action. I have been living in the UAE for 28 years, and have never defaulted on any credit card payment in my life, even when I lost my job. I was shocked and worried. I never received any notification from the bank regarding this matter. Bank representative told that because of the small amount, it would not show in the system. I said this is impossible.

I have enough money in my other card, which I have also not used, and I settled the dues at the same time. Now, I have a Nova Mastercard and I have Mashreq millionaire certificates as well. I paid the amount for no reason and with a lack of information from the bank. Kindly look into this matter.

From Mr Ali Hassan Mohammad Shyam


The management of Mashreq responds:

Thank you for sharing the issue raised by one of our customers, Mr Shyam.

We reviewed his concerns in detail and as per our investigation, Mr Shyam has requested to upgrade his Etisalat card to Smiles card in 2015 and his other credit card (Air Arabia) in question was never requested for upgrade.

Mr Shyam was holding that credit card since 2012 and he was aware of the renewal charges on the card. He was charged annual renewal fees in October 2016, which was not paid on time, due to which, further financial charges were accumulated. As per our records, he has been subscribed for the e-statement and the same was sent regularly to his registered email ID.

Moreover, our Collections and Recovery department also tried to contact him as he was delinquent due to non-payment, but Mr Shyam was not contactable. Therefore, the overdue payment notice was sent to his registered email ID, against which he agreed to pay the total outstanding balance on the card.

Mr Shyam is our valued customer and we do regret any inconvenience caused to him. We have contacted Mr Shyam, provided him the above clarification in detail and resolved his issue.

He is much satisfied with our resolution.

I take this opportunity to thank Gulf News once again for bringing a customer issue to our notice.

Mr Shyam responds:

Thank you very much Gulf News, for helping me resolve this issue with Mashreq. The bank credited the amount in my existing Nova credit card and closed the matter. Thank you Mashreq and Gulf News once again.

(Process initiation: October 16. Response from organisation: October 17. Reader confirmation: October 30.)

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