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Service fees never requested

Reader was upgraded to a Gold account without his knowledge or approval

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15:16 July 12, 2017

I have been an Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) client for more than six years, having a savings account. Recently, they upgraded me to a Gold account without my knowledge or approval, and I believe I have not met the requirement to be entitled for the Gold account, which is a salary of Dh40,000.

They first deducted for two months an amount of Dh300. I had called them to complain and request them to stop and they promised me they will do so as well as refund the money. However, whenever I called them to follow up, they would tell me it was under process.

To my amazement and anger, yesterday they deducted another Dh150 and when I complained again to them about it, they told me the charges are for downgrading.

So now the total amount they deducted me unfairly is Dh450.

I am submitting this to Gulf News and requesting assistance in obtaining my money back as this is my last hope in the matter.

From Mr Sherdell G. Rend


The ADIB responds:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please note that we had got in touch with Mr Rend through email since he is out of country now. He had complained about fees levied on his account for priority services. The fees were reversed to him as an exception since the account was downgraded and he could no longer avail the services.

The customer confirmed that the amount has been credited to his account.

Ms Rend responds:

Today I got a call from ADIB and they have refunded my money, thanks to Gulf News! Keep up the good work.

(Process initiation: June 6. Response from organisation: June 11. Reader Confirmation: June 11.)

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