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Redeeming points

Reader wants to redeem her points with the bank, but struggles to do so

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14:03 August 9, 2017

Credit cards are loaded with green points for accumulation, which can be redeemed against gift items with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). I had accumulated 20,738 green points against my credit card and requested for the items three times — it was booked by their call centre. The supplier declined to deliver, stating that the stock was unavailable. I called the FAB call centre to lodge a complaint and request for a list of items that can be ordered, but again, when the order was placed, the supplier said the stock was not available. I was disgusted by this and complained to the call centre in May. They took down the details of these items. There was no response or action taken and I got a message saying the complaint was closed. I called back the call centre for clarification and also asked about the status of my items. I was informed that the matter had been looked into and that I would get the items shortly. But there was neither any feedback nor any item sent to me. I called again in the first week of June and the call centre took down the details and informed that someone would call me.

I told them that this has been going on since March, without any solution, and I asked to get connected with their supervisor or any responsible person who could help me. I was put on hold for some time and then informed that the supervisor was busy and would call me back shortly. There was no call nor any response.

I am surprised how a complaint could get closed without any action or solution to the problem. During this issue, I was informed that the complaint was closed because I did not respond to their call. What is the proof of their call? Why has no SMS or email been sent for a response? They don’t have any answer to this, and just want to pass over the complaint, thinking that customers will forget the issue.

From Ms Ananta P. Rao


The management of FAB responds:

FAB supports the growth ambitions of its stakeholders and goes beyond financial products and services, and as such, we are grateful for all customer feedback as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Ms Rao, and the matter has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ms Rao responds:

Thanks a million for the effort and for helping and escalating my complaint to FAB and getting it resolved.

(Process initiation: July 12. Response from organisation: July 17. Process completion: July 30.)

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