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Fund transfer

Reader complaints against bank’s delay on money transfer

15:30 March 17, 2017

I have waited patiently for my issue to be resolved for over a month now.

My mum transferred some money from her account in the Czech Republic to my Emirates NBD account on January 2, 2017. I still haven’t received the money. I have written confirmation from the bank in the Czech Republic that the money has left the account.

I raised a complaint with Emirates NBD on several occasions and provided all required documents (I sent an MT103 form three times) but the issue hasn’t been resolved, till date. Repeated telephone calls and a branch visit had no impact.

From Ms Katerina Rowley


The management of Emirates NBD responds:

We are pleased to inform you that our Group Customer Experience team has been in touch with Ms Rowley and the matter has been resolved.

We would like to confirm that Emirates NBD received one transfer in the beginning of January 2017, which was credited to Ms Rowley’s account as appropriate. Furthermore, Ms Rowley was expecting another fund transfer, which Emirates NBD received on February 18, and which was credited to Ms Rowley’s account on the same day as appropriate. Hence, we would like to clarify that there was no delay from Emirates NBD’s end in crediting the funds to the customer’s account. The swift message confirming the receipt date was shared with the customer and she was informed to refer to the remitter bank for any further clarifications.

We would like to reiterate our commitment to providing superior service to our customers and thank you for your continuous support in providing us with the opportunity to resolve their issues.

(Process initiation: February 9. Response from organisation: February 22.)

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