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Fraudulent transactions

Reader was told to pay the amount not spent by him

Shreya Bhatia, Readers Interactivity Journalist
14:43 January 21, 2018

Fraud transactions

I have been using an Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) credit card for the past few months. On October 18, 2017, I got an SMS of some unknown transaction of Dh2,076 at 2.16am, Dh747 at 2.18am and Dh897 at 3.34am. I didn’t get any One Time Password (OTP) to validate the transaction. When I woke up at 5.15am, I called the bank’s customer care and they blocked my card permanently and said they would issue a new card to me. Regarding the transaction, they asked me to fill a dispute form and email it to their help desk, and I did so.

On the same day, in the evening, I got a follow-up call from the customer service agent who told me that the merchant needs to claim the amount to file the dispute, and it would take from 48 hours to 14 days. I called again after two days, and they raised a dispute for the same. However, when I asked if I should pay the amount, they said I should or I would have to pay the penalty for late payment. It’s an amount of Dh3,720, which is almost three-fourths of my salary. I have asked the bank to keep the amount on hold until the dispute is over, but the bank said it’s not possible and it would take up to 120 days to finalise the matter. I will not be able to pay this amount in my current situation. I request Gulf News to intervene with the bank to hold the amount from my statement, and let the bank investigate and come to a final decision.

From Mr Mohammad Hijas


The management of Emirates Islamic Bank responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Hijas’ concerns to our attention. Our Customer Experience team has been in touch with Mr Hijas and the issue has been resolved to his satisfaction. We will credit the amount of Dh3,720 to his Emirates Islamic credit card shortly. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Emirates Islamic is committed to providing the best customer experience to all our clients.

Mr Hijas responds:

The bank called me and they have given me a temporary credit of the same amount. I did not have to pay the amount. Thank you Gulf News, for the intervention.

(Process initiation: November 24, 2017. Response from organisation: November 28, 2017. Reader confirmation: January 7, 2018.)

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