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Fraud transaction

Reader complains against the same fraud transaction on his new credit card

16:02 September 13, 2017
RDS_170914 YT Complaints Fraud activity

I want to bring to the notice of Gulf News a fraud transaction that happened on my Standard Chartered Bank credit card. It was for an amount of Dh28,542.34 dated May 26, 2017.

I was in India at the time, and did not receive any one-time password, which is usually sent by the bank to my registered mobile number. After reaching Sharjah on May 31, two days later, on contacting the customer care of bank, I was informed that my credit card was blocked due to a fraud transaction and the transaction of the amount Dh28,542.34 was also cancelled. I was also assured I “need not worry” and need not take any further action.

In the meantime, the Bank issued me a new credit card and on June 26, the same fraud transaction was reflected on the e-statement of this new card. I immediately contacted customer care, filled the dispute form and sent it on June 29, along with my passport copy to the Bank’s e-mail address. Again, the bank asked me to fill in a new dispute form and send all the pages of my passport, on July 6. I also met with the branch manager in Sharjah, and handed over the dispute form and application of the same matter. I requested them to cancel this e-statement and transaction immediately.

I am contacting customer care frequently to resolve the matter, as July 16 is the last date for the payment of this statement. I am not getting a proper response from bank personnel. I humbly request Gulf News to look into the matter and resolve my grievance.

From Mr Nand Kishore Soni


The management of Standard Chartered responds:

This is an old complaint that was brought to the Bank’s attention by the client on July 17 and was resolved instantly. The disputed transaction was reversed to the client’s card. To make sure that it is a closed case, we have contacted the client again and conveyed the message. The client is happy with the resolution and has raised no further concerns.

Mr Soni responds:

They provided temporary credit to my credit card account. But it was not sure whether the matter was completely closed or not. The newspaper’s intervention helped a lot and I received a quick reply from the bank.

(Process initiation: July 24. Response from organisation: July 27. Reader confirmation: August 7.)

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