• May 22, 2018
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False promises

Reader complaints against annual fee

15:46 January 24, 2018

I hope that you can help me clear this issue that I have with Dubai First. I have just received my December statement and I was surprised to see the amount of Dh200 annual membership charge on my credit card. I immediately called the bank to request for the removal of this charge since this is not in accordance with what I had discussed previously with their agent.

Last October 2017, I have taken a cash loan on my Dubai First credit card for the amount of Dh20,200. As agreed, Dubai First will not charge me for annual membership considering the amount of cash loan I have taken. However on December 8, 2017, there it was, the annual membership fee of Dh200. I have called the agent and was advised that since the statement has already been generated, I would have to pay this, then the next month, reversal will be made and I will be credited for the same amount-- so I paid. On January 7, 2018, I received a call-back from Dubai First, who advised me that the annual membership fee will not be reversed unless I use my card and spend Dh2,000 within the next 30 days. So now, not only that I have taken a loan, they want me to actually use my card for another Dh2,000 just so they can reverse the annual membership fee. Isn’t this a fraud? I just want what I was promised - that they will waive my annual membership fee in exchange of me taking a cash loan on my Dubai First credit card.

From Mr William Laureta


Mr Laureta updates: Thanks Gulf News for your help. Dubai First just called me and advised that they are going to reverse the annual membership fee. It’s nice to know that Gulf News is there to help people and protect us from these wrongdoings of the banks. Thanks so much! Really appreciate it.

The management of Dubai First responds: At Dubai First, we are committed to provide the best of service to our card members and protect their interests. Mr. William Laureta has been contacted and his concern has been addressed immediately. The issue has been resolved to his satisfaction.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention.

(Process initiation: January 16. Reader updates: January 17. Response from organisation: January 18.)

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