• June 19, 2018
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Charged for nothing

Getting charged without possession of a credit card

14:42 January 9, 2018

I have notified Dubai First on numerous occasions since past two years that I am not in possession of their credit card and hence have no detail. I have not even activated it and despite numerous reminders I have been charged Dh400 for a card that was (a) Notified as not with me and (b) Never used (c) not even the number is known to me. So I do not know what is arriving in the email statement as the card number is the password. I am worried that someone may have got it issued fraudulently and may misuse it.

Dubai First customer care staff has been very rude and they advised I have to pay regardless, and it appears the staff lack moral ethics, as despite being repeatedly emailed - I get no response. I spoke to their manager who claimed that if I don’t pay the late payment fee and finance cost will keep accumulating - all for a card I have never seen!

I have written to Gulf News to kindly publish my plight - as it is wrong and unethical for the bank to charge me for a card that was never used for the past two years and a card that was notified to be not with me and request for reverse of such wrongful charges be cancelled and I am allowed to lead a peaceful life.

All I want from Dubai First is to reverse the wrongful charges, issue an official response and a clearance letter saying there is no outstanding balance or loan in my name and also to correct their database to avoid similar problems in the future.

From Mr Munaver Ahmad

Abu Dhabi

The management of Dubai First responds: At Dubai First, we are committed to provide the best of service to our card members and protect their interests. Mr Munaver Ahmad has been contacted and his concern has been addressed immediately. The issue has been resolved to his satisfaction.

Mr Ahmad responds: Thank you Gulf News a million times for helping me.

(Process initiation: December 26. Response from organisation: January 4. Reader confirmation: January 4.)

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