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Charged extra for an air ticket

Reader changed the date of departure and claims he had to pay additional Dh293

Gulf News Readers Desk
15:05 March 14, 2018

I booked a ticket with Air Arabia for my wife on November 21, 2017, to travel on November 27, from Sharjah to Jaipur, India. The airfare was Dh369 at that time.

I changed the travel date on November 25, from November 27 to December 9, and the airfare at the time of modification was Dh431.

As per the rules of Air Arabia, I was supposed to pay Dh200 for modification charges plus the difference of airfare, which was Dh62, totalling Dh262. But, Air Arabia charged me Dh555, which is Dh293 extra.

I called and complained to their office and explained everything. But, they were not ready to listen and insisted that they had charged as per their system.

I request Gulf News to please take this matter to the management of Air Arabia and help me get a refund for the excess amount charged.

From Mr Deepchand Khichar


The management of Air Arabia responds:

After reviewing the case by Customer Relations, please note that there was no error located. Mr Khichar initially bought the tickets online, and he availed a limited promotion of 20 per cent discount. However, he modified his booking later on and the discount was no longer available when the new price was applied. Adding to that, with the modification charges, the total came up to Dh555.

(Process initiation: January 6, 2018. Response from organisation: January 8, 2018. Process completion: January 20, 2018.)

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