• June 19, 2018
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Charged annual fees despite assurance

Credit card that was never used or activated accumulates dues

Gulf News
14:48 January 7, 2018

A credit card was issued to me in 2015 along with my car loan from Ajman Bank. Before activating the card this year, in March 2017, I asked and verified twice that no annual fee will be charged by the bank for the first year. I then decided to activate the credit card. The very next day, I received a message from the bank that an amount of Dh100.60 was due, with due date of April 6, 2017. I raised a complaint prior to the due date, and their response was that they will check. Even after I made a series of follow ups and sent emails, nothing happened and the only response was – “still ongoing”. From the date of complaint until now, the bank is continuously charging late payment and interest. Now, the amount due has reached Dh2,358.57. The card never been used in any transaction and my complaint was never resolved. Please help me in this situation.

From Mr Allan Alaba


Mr Alaba updates:I thank Gulf News for the help rendered to me to call the attention of Ajman Bank regarding my complaint with the credit card. I also thank Ajman Bank for lifting the rating of the card in the Central Bank on December 11. I confirm that my issues with Ajman Bank regarding the credit card are resolved.

Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to Ajman Bank for comments. However, despite repeated reminders, its management did not respond.

(Process initiation: October 23. Reader responds: December 15. Process completion: December 18.)

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