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Card cancellation request ignored

Reader was issued a traveller card and later charged membership fee

Gulf News Readers Desk
15:38 December 3, 2017

I would like to draw your attention to an issue I am facing with Ajman Bank. I got a card, which was supposedly issued by the bank against my auto-loan. I have been requesting the bank to send me the details of a credit card for the past two years. It is frustrating to see a lack of response from the bank; I have highlighted this to them, too.

Now, I have received a traveller card and not a credit card. I was not aware that I would receive this card with my auto-loan and that the card would have a membership fee.

If the card has been issued, the bank needs to provide a statement, but till date, I have not received any bank statement, only intimation through text message. I have lodged multiple complaints through their branche in Al Garhoud, Dubai and the call centre, but I have not received any response.

All the above complaint were related to the issue of the card and charges related to it, such as membership fee, late payment and other charges. I paid the membership charges last year, based on the confirmation given by the branch manager that the same would be reversed. As a good customer, I never want to have a default credit history and so I paid the charges. Since then, I have been asking for the reversal and cancellation of the card, but all my requests and efforts have been in vain.

I now request Gulf News to intervene and have the card closed.

From Ms Sheetal Khandhar


The management of Ajman Bank responds:

Thank you. In regards to the subject matter, it has been resolved.

Ms Khandhar responds:

Thank you Gulf News. I received a call from Ajman Bank and they have resolved my issue.

(Process initiation: November 21. Response from organisation: November 27. Reader confirmation: November 28.)

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