• June 19, 2018
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Card cancellation fee

Reader complaints against an agent for false promises

14:22 January 10, 2018

I have been trying to resolve my issue with Emirates NBD for the past three weeks, but they keep ignoring my follow-ups and keep promising someone will call me back, which never happened.

I filed a complaint about one of Emirates NBD credit card sellers, where he lied to me and told me there are no cancellation fees on the credit card I’m taking even though he was aware there is a fee of some service. After signing the papers the bank procedure took one month, so I called and asked the credit card agent to cancel my application, he told me it is very complicated now and I can wait until I receive the card and then call to cancel it.

After I received the card, the agent called me immediately saying that “I can’t cancel the card before he just remembered I have additional service on the card and there is a cancellation fee.” I told him it’s not acceptable and he assured me when I called to cancel that I can do it after I receive the card with no fees. He replied that he forgot to mention it. I told him I will complain and he replied: “Go ahead or you can keep the card with you for a year and not pay the fees.”

I filed a complaint and received three phone calls from different people in the bank, asking me why I want to cancel the card and I should keep it. They all ignored the fact that I have a complaint against an agent that lied to me and fraud me. Every time I call I have to explain the whole story again and the bank agent tells me they will call me back, but no one call and nothing happened. It seems the bank only cared about getting me to sign the credit card and they don’t care about what happened after that. Kindly help in this situation because I reached a dead-end with the bank.

From Mr Hatem Alaa Hussain


The management of Emirates NBD responds: We are pleased to inform you that our Group Customer Experience team has been in touch with Mr Hatem Alaa Hussain and resolved the matter to his satisfaction.

We would like to reiterate our commitment to providing superior service to our customers and thank you for your continuous support in providing us with the opportunity to resolve their issues.

Mr Hussain responds: I have received a call from the head of complaints department and last week we resolved the issue. Thank you Gulf News for your help.

(Process initiation: December 24. Response from organisation: December 28. Reader confirmation: January 3.)

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