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XPRESS impact: Distressed mum to reunite with daughter

Readers help overstaying woman pay her fines

17:12 July 12, 2017

Dubai: Fathima, an Indian woman overstaying in Dubai for three years, has finally paid her fines and will be flying home this Friday to reunite with her daughter, thanks to XPRESS readers. The 31-year-old from India, whose plight was reported by XPRESS last week, had said she was living on dole and could not afford to get her visa cancelled. But within hours of the story being published, she said a reader, Zeeshan, with support from others, offered to help clear the fines. “I feel so relieved and can’t wait to see my daughter.”

The woman could not get her visa cancelled earlier also because her passport was stuck in the local courts in connection with a case of a friend for whom she had stood as a guarantor. But when she got her passport back recently after the case was closed, she did not have any money for the fines.

“Thank you XPRESS and a special thanks to the reader who reached out to me,” said Fathima.