• June 24, 2018
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30 seconds with Nicole Barua

Fitness expert on her TV series Body and Mind being aired on Colors TV ME

15:38 January 3, 2018
Nicole Barua

What is your upcoming TV show all about?

The show is about fitness and healthy eating. Our principal message to viewers is ‘love yourself’. If you’re unkind to your body, you will never treat it well. Your body is your vehicle to experience a great life and your mind is the driver. So you have to maintain and sustain yourself to have the healthiest body and mind possible to live life to the fullest.

Can you tell us more about this season?

This season of Body and Mind has eight episodes with three segments each, highlighting fitness, healthy eating and overall wellness. As I said the focus is self-care and. The idea is to introduce people to fun ways of exercising, healthy diets and holistic treatments.

The promos show the series was shot in Dubai

Yes, we roped in some of Dubai’s best south Asian chefs for the show. They will help viewers make healthy food choices.

What’s your own fitness regimen like?

It’s a combination of various things . So I do weight-training, kick boxing, swimming, gym, zumba, pilates and running. I am constantly looking out for new things. But if you are looking for specific strengthening or toning of a certain group of muscles, a dedicated routine can help you achieve best results.

Body and Mind Season 2 airs every Sunday at 7.30pm on Colors TV ME