The 32nd annual Gulf News Fun Drive is aiming for a Guinness World Records

The 32nd annual Gulf News Fun Drive is going big this year, with a desert run for the record books

By Dejan Jovanovic, wheels
17:24 January 3, 2013

In 1986, the first Gulf News Fun Drive attracted 75 off-roaders into the desert for a typical day of dune bashing. Three years later, the event took place over two days, and saw hundreds of people participate. Ever since, the annual Fun Drive has included around 750 participating vehicles.

But hey, this is the UAE where bigger is better, so for the January 11, 2013 round of the Fun Drive, the desert off-roading bash is aiming for a Guinness World Records achievement in the category of “largest convoy of off-road vehicles”.

The route for this record attempt has been totally changed for 2013, with a brand-new set of coordinates for the checkpoints, although the start is still set to flag off from The Sevens, just outside Dubai.

The participants who don’t succumb to the desert sands early will have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing sights along this year’s route, which has been designed so drivers will see lots of wildlife. Just try not to run any gazelles down… But don’t worry, the Protect Wild Animals project has been actively involved in mapping the new route.

The 32nd Fun Drive will be marshalled by 60 experienced off-roaders, and a team of 300 Gulf News personnel will make sure that nobody gets left behind to the vultures. Naturally, wheels will be present, no doubt with shovels in hand and digging ourselves out of another rut.

If you have already registered yourself and your 4x4, congratulations, as that means you’re going to be part of a possible world record. There are just a few rules to remember: don’t forget the seatbelts, and don’t turn up in a front-wheel drive crossover.