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South Korea opens high-speed line to Winter Olympic venues

Journey time will be halved for fans

17:03 December 22, 2017

Seoul: Emblazoned with a tiger and a bear — the mascots of the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics — a blue and white high-speed train rolled out of Seoul station yesterday as a new line to the venues opened to the public.

The railway cuts travel times significantly, reaching Jinbu — the station for snow sports at the Pyeongchang Games — in one hour and 20 minutes from Seoul, and another 16 minutes to Gangneung on the east coast, where ice events will take place.

During the Games 51 trains will operate a day on the 278-kilometre line, which starts from Incheon airport southwest of the capital, with a total capacity of 20,910 passengers. The new railway is part of South Korea’s KTX network.

Previously travellers from Seoul to Pyeongchang have mostly had to go by road — around a three-hour drive.