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F1 boss unsure about Olympic Stadium racing

Ecclestone would prefer a London Grand Prix take place in centre of capital

14:45 August 5, 2012

London: Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone isn’t so sure about staging races at London’s Olympic Stadium after the Games.

A group working in conjunction with F1 is one of four bidders being considered as future tenants for the east London venue.

But Ecclestone says he would prefer a possible London Grand Prix to be staged through the centre of the capital past the iconic sights.

Touring the Olympic Park on Saturday, Ecclestone said: “I’d rather (have a race) where we originally planned in central London ... it’s a project we are going to try to make happen.”

Ecclestone, though, will still discuss the feasibility of a race around the Olympic Park, with Intelligent Transport Services leading the project.