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Dorsett ‘at peace’ with decision to end NHL career

Health concerns for Canucks right winger

13:54 December 7, 2017

Vancouver: When confronted with the possibility of not being able to hug his two sons, Derek Dorsett knew he made the right decision to step away from hockey.

The Vancouver Canucks right winger announced last week he was ending his NHL hockey career because of health concerns following neck surgery last season.

Dorsett said there have been “some hard days” over the last week as he comes to grips with his decision, but spending time with his wife and family have helped give him reconcile with his situation.

“My boys have made it a lot easier going home and being able to hug them and play with them,” Dorsett told the media on Wednesday.

“In the long-term aspect, your health is everything. That’s why I now have peace with it. I’m making the right decision to step away and look after myself. It wouldn’t be fair to me or my kids if I couldn’t be healthy enough to enjoy what this next chapter of my life is going to bring.”