An American family with sports running through their veins

Basketball star Mason Plumlee and his siblings are the third generation of a family that has enriched sport in the US

17:48 June 27, 2017

Dubai: Sport is what defines the Plumlee family.

Mason Plumlee grew up with brothers Miles — who also played for Duke and currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA — and Marshall who also played for Duke and currently plays for the New York Knicks. His sister Madeleine plays volleyball for the University of Notre Dame.

Mason and Miles became the sixth pair of brothers to play at Duke at the same time, and with Marshall’s NCAA championship in 2015, all three Plumlee brothers won NCAA championships playing for Duke.

“It’s [basketball] like a family game and we’ve always enjoyed playing it. Also, where I grew up in Indiana is a big basketball State and I’ve always enjoyed playing growing up. This has given me a genuine love and passion for basketball,” Mason told Gulf News.

The Plumlee parents — Perky, a former Tennessee Tech basketball player, and Leslie, a former Purdue basketball player — also made it big during their time. The two, in fact, met at a basketball camp during the summer of 1979.

His grandfather Albert ‘Bud’ Schultz played basketball at Michigan Tech (1944), while his uncle William Schultz played basketball at Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1971-72), and his uncle Chad Schultz played basketball at Wisconsin-Oshkosh (1983-86).

The four Plumlee siblings now just continue the family tradition. “We all still play whenever we get together. During the off-season, we all live in New York and we work out, train and play together. It’s our time together,” Plumlee said.

“And my brothers are my inspiration. I love that I have brothers in the NBA. I feel like I have a better experience because of them, and we are there to help each other out,” he added.