• 'UAE, China never give up their dreams'
    25 minutes ago Xi Jinping, President of Peoples Republic of China
    Chinese President writes ahead of his visit to UAE, which starts on July 19
  • The West’s war on refugees
    05:32 pm By Ramzy Baroud, Special to Gulf News
    Western nations view the migrant crisis in terms of security, populist pressures and national identity, as opposed to it being a humanitarian crisis
  • International partners should quell subtle violence and give Mnangagwa the opportunity to prove his democratic credentials
  • Rebooting the ethical soldier
    05:26 pm By Robert H. Latiff
    In the coming age of high-tech warfare, the old rules of conflict will not apply. The soldier will become the slowest element in an engagement
  • What religion gives us
    05:14 pm By Stephen T. Asma
    No amount of scientific explanation or sociopolitical theorising can ever console a grieving parent. That is where faith comes in
  • How minor players can influence Pakistan poll
    05:28 pm By Ashfaq Ahmed, UAE Deputy Editor
    Smaller political parties and influential independent candidates are all set to play a major role in the country’s upcoming general election
  • No option for second Brexit
    05:22 pm By William Hague
    Another vote would damage democracy, and exacerbate the current divisions in British society
  • Cansplaining 101: How to write about Canada
    Jul 16, 2018 By J.J. McCullough
    Beware of Cansplainer — an article often written by a Canadian in an international publication explaining why Trudeau’s country is the way it is
  • New future awaits high school graduates of 2018
    Jul 16, 2018 By Jorg Bley, Special to Gulf News
    The UAE Vision 2021 and National Agenda, coupled with unprecedented technological change, will allow today’s generation to chart new, exciting career paths
  • Turkey evolves into a one-man show
    Jul 16, 2018 By Linda S. Heard, Special to Gulf News
    Ankara’s system of government was formerly admired by Western democracies as a model to be emulated, and its departure from democratic values has strained relationship with the EU
  • What’s Hima Das running after?
    Jul 16, 2018 By C.P. Surendran, Special to Gulf News
    She is the rise of the rural girl child over everything urban. That’s saying a lot in a culture where female foeticide is by and large still accepted
  • No deal would be no problem for the UK
    Jul 16, 2018 By Liam Halligan
    Contrary to scare tactics of professional Remainers, trading under WTO rules would be absolutely fine
  • What this World Cup says about immigration
    Jul 16, 2018 By Leonid Bershidsky
    Immigrants may win at football, but they do face a handicap in more ordinary endeavours
  • The rest of the world believes in Britain
    Jul 16, 2018 By Boris Johnson
    Global Britain is not a vainglorious dream, but a reality that underlines the country’s tremendous potential
  • China unleashed, Europe in a bind
    Jul 15, 2018 By Stefan Braun
    For Berlin and Brussels, the relationship with Beijing is a fateful balancing act — as much cooperation as possible, as much distance as necessary
  • The rescue of 12 boys is a reminder of something we’re in danger of forgetting: our natural default is cooperation