Good conduct certificate for new expatriates a positive step

This will bolster UAE’s efforts to retain its leading role as a nation based on stability and wellbeing of its people

Gulf News
17:43 January 9, 2018

Preemptive policies have an invaluable role to play in good governance and the UAE has always demonstrated a strong understanding of this responsibility. Once again, it has put into place a policy that will stand the country in good stead. In making a good conduct certificate a prerequisite for every new expatriate in the UAE in order to be issued a work permit, it has taken the right step.

This will help employers in the UAE attract and retain human resources unburdened by criminal backgrounds and also strengthen UAE’s commitment to be a global role model in exemplary social engineering. In its sustained effort to evolve as one of the most progressive and stable societies in the world, a goal UAE has already reached but would like to further consolidate as a constant endeavour, the need to ensure that only people with clean records are a part of its national fabric cannot be overstated.

Newcomers must obtain a certificate of good conduct issued by either their home country or the country they have last resided in for a period of five years. This certificate also requires attestation by Emirati diplomatic missions, or overseas Customer Happiness Centres at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. However, it would be an enhanced move on the part of the authorities to provide further clarification on the modalities of this provision in order to enable new entrants complete the formalities for a seamless integration with implementation, which is to take effect from February 4 this year.

This policy is certain to bolster UAE’s efforts to continue to maintain its leading role as a country premised on the security and wellbeing of its people.

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