Weather: Hot to very hot, but with a chance of rain

Summer rain in UAE associated with convective clouds over the country’s southern and eastern areas

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13:21 August 4, 2017
People use umbrella to protect themselves from the sun's rays in Sharjah

Dubai: The weather will be hot, or very hot, this weekend.

But expect some flashstorms, or light to moderate rain by Friday afternoon in some parts of the UAE.

That’s according to weathermen who said that the rainfall may be associated with convective clouds gathering over the country’s southern and eastern areas.

At around 10pm on Thursday, Um Azimul saw some moderate rain, about hour after rainshowers poured over Qasyoura, Al Hiyar-Nahil Road in Al Ain’s industrial area.

With August temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius in the UAE and humidity levels as high as 85 per cent, many residents are surprised to see summer rains in some parts of the country.

Experts at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) explained that the UAE showers are triggered by monsoon season from the Indian subcontinent.

The convective clouds, they explained, are blowing in from the south eastern part of India. What’s left of the rain ultimately ends up in certain parts of the UAE, especially the east and the south.