Watch: Sandstorms and rain hit UAE

Al Ain has been the most affected by harsh weather conditions, with billboards and trees falling

08:39 July 18, 2017

Dubai: Hazy days are set to continue until Thursday across most areas of the UAE, while Al Ain and eastern areas will see temperatures drop down to 30C accompanied with strong bouts of rain.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology’s (NCMS) forecast will see moderate to heavy continuing in Masafi, Fujairah, and in the Al Ain area.

The NCMS also posted a video on its Twitter account showing how the heavy rain and strong winds affected the desert area of Nahel, in Al Ain, on Monday afternoon.

On Monday, Al Ain Municipality reported that its Emergency Office responded to 10 incidents of damaged billboards trees.


Residents are urged to contact Abu Dhabi Municipality’s hotline number 993 to report any rain-related emergencies. 

The weather in Abu Dhabi city, Dubai and Sharjah will remain hot with maximum highs of 48C, and humidity levels ranging from 65 to 90 per cent in coastal areas and 55 to 80 per cent in internal areas.

Residents will face “hot to very hot”, while it will be partly cloudy and hazy at times. Light to moderate gusts of winds will blow across the northern emirates, bringing in sand and dust storms. The relative humidity is likely to increase by night and early morning over some western coastal areas.

Rough waves are expected to pick up by nightfall in the Arabian Gulf, while it will continue to be mild in the Oman sea.