UAE in for daytime high temperatures of mid-40s

Humidity expected to increase by night and in the mornings over next few days

Staff Report
16:13 August 31, 2017

Abu Dhabi: Summer weather is still pushing daytime temperatures into the mid-40s Celsius and the hot spell is expected to persist over the next few days, national weather forecasters say.

Cooler climes in general are not likely to be seen until later in September, the weather bureau has said.

The last recorded inland temperatures by the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology were as high as 45C with residents living along the coast experiencing daytime highs of 42C.

Mountainous areas in eastern UAE enjoyed much cooler temperatures with highs of 35C, the forecasters said.

Nighttime low temperatures ranged from 28C on the coast and 24C inland to 16C in the mountains.

The extended weather outlook forecasts convective skies in the east in the coming days.

Humidity is set to rise inland and on the coastal areas during the night and early mornings of Friday and Saturday.

In general, the forecast says it will be hot “during daytime, partly cloudy and hazy at times, some clouds will appear over some eastern areas may become convective at times by afternoon.”

Forecasters said there will be “light to moderate winds in general” that may sweep up dust or sand in open areas. “The relative humidity is likely to increase during night and early morning over some coastal and internal areas, with a chance of mist or fog formation. Sea is slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman sea,” the forecast said.