Rain ‘likely to fall’ in northern emirates

The northern emirates will see a slight dip in temperatures, with offshore waves up to 11ft in Arabian Gulf

09:52 January 28, 2018
Rain in the UAE

Dubai: Weather forecasters in the UAE expect some rainfall in the northern emirates on Sunday, accompanied with a slight drop in temperature and cloudy skies.

“The amount of clouds will increase over island, coasts and northern areas with a chance of light rain at first, with a fall of temperature,” said the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

The maximum temperature, according to the NCM, will range from 21-23C in coastal areas, 23-26C in internal areas, and 12-14C in the mountain region.

Minimum temperatures will range from 12-17C in coastal areas, 10-15 in internal areas, and 8-11C in the mountain region.

Moderate to strong winds will blow across interior areas, picking up dust and causing poor visibility over exposed areas.

Sea-goers were urged to take caution as 7-11ft waves are expected to pick up over the Arabian Gulf over the next two days, with a wind speed of up to 45km/h.