It’s a pleasant, sunny day in Dubai

Motorists urged to be careful as visibility is likely to drop to less than 500 meters in some internal areas

By Evangeline Elsa, Community Solutions Editor
09:56 December 30, 2017

Dubai: It’s a pleasant and sunny day in Dubai. The lowest recorded temperature in the country was 7.8 degree Celsius in the UAE’s Damtha region.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology, the weather will be pleasant in general, partly cloudy and hazy at times. Light to moderate winds are expected to blow in the country.

According to an NCM official, “fog is expected only in the internal areas and especially in western areas of the country.”

The NCM also cautioned motorists to be careful as visibility was likely to drop to less than 500 meters in some internal areas, specially westwards till 11am on Saturday.

According to an earlier Gulf News report: “Those wishing to ring in the New Year on Sunday will have to deal with late night and early morning fog. It is unclear if the fog will obstruct the view at the Burj Khalifa or in other places where fireworks displays are planned.”

Until Tuesday, days will be partly cloudy to fair in general during the day and relatively cold at night.