Heavy rain in Al Ain, warning of blowing dust over weekend

Monsoon season from the Indian subcontinent triggers UAE showers

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16:31 August 11, 2017
Heavy rain over Al Ain recorded on Friday.

Dubai: Al Ain residents saw heavy rain following a flashstorm on Friday as fresh winds brought convective clouds to the area.

The UAE showers are triggered by monsoon season from the Indian subcontinent, said weathermen.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) also warned that blowing dust over the weekend could reduce visibility at times.

Heavy downpour was recorded over the east of Al Ain, especially in Khatm Al Shikla and Um Ghafa districts. 

Moderate rain was also recorded over the district in Al Shuwaib, while residents of Lahbab in Dubai and Faqah in Al Ain saw light rains on Friday afternoon.



Here's the weather forecast for the next three days in some UAE cities.

As the mercury soared in the upper 40s (48.9 degrees C in Mezaira) at 330pm Friday, forecasters expect the weekend weather to kick up some blowing dust.

Flashstorms such as the one that took place on Friday afternoon, or light to moderate rain, may also come with convective clouds.

These clouds blow in from the south eastern part of India — what’s left of the rain in the subcontinent ultimately ends up in certain parts of the UAE, they added.