Heavy fog continues to shroud UAE

Fog formation to start getting less on Thursday, says weather forecaster

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07:22 December 26, 2017
Al Khail road
Fog in Dubai on December 26, 2017.
Fog covered Buhaira Corniche area in Sharjah

Dubai: Heavy fog descended on Dubai and parts of the UAE on Tuesday, with the national weather bureau forecasting fog formation to continue until Thursday.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said that Tuesday's fog was in line with the forecast that was issued by them earlier this week.

“The fog was expected to return today. It will also be affecting different parts of the UAE tomorrow morning. On Friday, it will be foggy, but it is not expected to be as heavy,” a spokesperson from the centre told Gulf News.

The fog affected the Northern emirates a lot more than in the western region and residents are urged to follow traffic rules and not use hazard lights while driving in the fog.

10 tips for driving safely in fog

Abu Dhabi police announced on Monday that it would be issuing fines to motorists that drive with the car’s hazard lights on. 

Dh500 fine for driving with hazard lights on

NCM said humidity levels will increase on Tuesday night and early on Wednesday morning to increase the chances of fog formation, mainly over the northern and eastern areas of the country.

The weather on Tuesday is expected to be fair to partly cloudy in general and hazy at times.

Abed Damaj, duty forecaster at the NCM, had told Gulf News: “The temperatures are expected to remain steady through the week. By Wednesday it might go down by just 1 degree Celsius or so, but no major changes. However, we are still expecting the fog formation to continue through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.... It will start to get less on Thursday. And after that, we’re not expecting fog to form, at least on the shore.”

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A look at the weather forecast for the week ahead

Tuesday, December 26:
It will be humid at night and during the early mornings, with fog and mist formation over scattered areas. It will also be partly cloudy, but fair in general. A moderate wind will also blow from the northwest areas towards the northeast at a speed of 15-25km/h, reaching 30km/h at times. Over the seas, the winds will be stronger, blowing at 40km/h. Thus, the Arabian Gulf will become rough by Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, December 27:

Humid at night and early morning, with a probability of fog and mist formation, especially over the internal and western areas. The amount of clouds will increase at times over the sea, eastern and northern areas. Light to moderate Northwesterly winds will blow through the day.

Thursday, December 28:

Humid at night and early morning, but the opportunities and places of fog formation will gradually decrease. In the morning, easterly and northeasterly winds will blow at a speed of 15-25km/h, freshening at times over the sea. However, during the day, the Oman Sea can become rough at times so people are being warned to not venture out to sea.

Friday, December 29:

The fog formation will decrease. The Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will witness slight to moderate winds.

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